My Drumming

I’ve been playing drum set over 20 years. And touring professionally around the world for over 10 years.

I am mainly interested in and cover all variants of “Rock” music: from roots in 40’s jazz and R&B, thru 50’s honky tonk country, blues and rock n roll, to 60’s pop, soul, garage, psychedelia and classic rock, thru 70’s soul jazz and punk to 80’s-90’s alternative indie.

Stylistically, I always aim to primarily hold down a solid foundation and serve the song, but also seek to make each beat unique in subtle ways. I am often taking cues from vocal melodies. I have a lot of experience playing very quietly, but I can also play loud when necessary. I’m not a flashy player, but do favor a slight jazzy, swampy lilt to my rhythms. Some of my favorite drummers are Levon Helm, Kenny Buttrey, Jim Keltner, Earl Palmer, Al Jackson Jr. (Booker T & the M.G.’s), Fito De La Parra (Canned Heat), Mick Avory (The Kinks), Dino Danelli (The Young Rascals).

I also play various percussion: Congas, Timbale, Guiro, Shakers, Tambourine, etc.

Circa 1978

Circa 1978


I listen to a wide range of music, especially a lot of old music. I am fascinated by the the period of gestation in American popular music from the 20’s to the 50’s, when jazz, blues, Broadway, R&B, and country & western were all fairly intermingled and well acquainted with one another. I love traditional jazz. I love the music of New Orleans. I get really excited by the era of the birth of Rock N Roll from R&B in the 50’s, all those records from Memphis and New Orleans and Chicago, that’s my favorite music ever to dance to. And I love the 60’s British Invasion that built on that. But my heart is mostly in 60’s pop. The production, the arrangements, the most amazing drum and bass sounds ever. And I love the syncopated swing of jazz educated drummers from the big band era playing sessions on 60’s pop music; as heard on Motown, the LA wrecking crew hits, Phil Spector productions, the big NYC studios of the time. Or that chicken shack funky Nashville sound in the late sixties. It’s all just too good.

I also love a lot of African music, South American cumbia, old NY and Cuban mambo, eastern European gypsy music, calypso, brass bands of any kind, bollywood scores, various folk musics, brazilian, hip hop, house, punk and dancehall reggae. Everywhere you look there is great rhythm and much to be learned.

Here’s a spotify playlist of some of my favorite songs ever. Enjoy…