Here are some tracks that I found on spotify that I have played drums on. They are in no particular order, perhaps it’s best to listen on shuffle. It’s not a full discography but a representation from 13 different albums by about 6 different bands over 8 years. Each band and album demanded a little something different from me. And they are all bands that I loved. I’ll give a brief description of them below to put it into context.

Johnny Flynn

British Folk Rock

  • Been Listening; 2010; Transgressive Records/Lost Highway
  • A Bag of Hammers (Film Score); 2012; Transgressive Records
  • Country Mile; 2013; Transgressive Records/PIAS

Jeffrey Lewis

NYC “Anti-folk”/punk-folk

  • City & Eastern Songs; 2005; Rough Trade Records
  • 12 Crass Songs; 2007; Rough Trade Records
  • ‘Em Are I; 2009; Rough Trade Records
  • A Turn In the Dream Songs; 2011; Rough Trade Records

Jack Lewis’ Awkward Energy

Outsider punk surf rock
  • Lvov Swims the Willamette; 2012; Stitch-Stitch Records

The Bloodsugars

NYC Indie Pop Rock

  • BQEP; 2008; Engine Room Records

The Younger Sister Band

NYC Honky Tonk Country Rock

  • No Desire; 2006; Monvercomp LLC
  • The Lady Wins Again; 2008; self released

The Generous Lovers

Basically the Younger Sister Band

  • The Artists In America; 2010; self released

Lail Arad

London folk pop

  • Someone New; 2010; Notify Music