I am going to make an effort soon to create some videos that actually feature me more prominently, but in the meantime here are a few I found on the internet that I am playing drums in.

Holly Holden y Su Banda live Spiritual Session, Camden, London, UK Hello Platonia

Holly Holden y Su Banda Wreckroom Records Session, Dead Coral

Johnny Flynn & the Sussex Wit, NYC 2013. One of my favorite songs from our recent live set, Bottom of the Sea Blues.

Johnny Flynn & the Sussex Wit, Been Listening from a session for Rockfeedback, London

Churlish May from the same session

Here’s Johnny Flynn & the Sussex Wit on a recent tour in Munich, Germany. This song is not typical of our normal style, but it’s kind of a calypso/cumbia rhythm so it’s really fun to play.

Here’s Mumford & Sons talking about how much they love Johnny Flynn & the Sussex Wit. It was shot at their Gentlemen of the Road Festival in Lewes, 2013. The instrumental track in the background is one of my favorite songs of ours, Lost & Found.

Here’s something a little more raucous, Broken, Broken, Broken Heart by Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard in Marseille, France. I have no recollection of this performance at all but we seem to be in good form. Jack Lewis on bass and Kristin Andreassen on tambourine. Great song!

Here’s a preview of a documentary that was never made about Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard. It’s a pretty good introduction. It was shot around 2005 in NY and Paris. We look young.

Here’s a bit of a recent show with The Wave Pictures in Barcelona, Spain. Unfortunately it’s not featuring my stellar guiro or cowbell playing, but it’s a good watch nonetheless.